Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hey, all!  I have a short story that came out today in Dark Horse Comics' Creepy #11, a special Valentine's issue!  It's written by J. Torres.  Be sure to check it out!  I had a ton of fun working in black and white; it's been a while.  I used digital screentones which hails back to my Tokyopop days.

Also, I keep meaning to mention: I HAVE A NEW BLOG.  On Tumblr.  It's here.  Please check it out; I've actually been very active on there since Facebook decided they wanted to make it harder for people with fanpages to get the word out.  Sometimes I do daily sketches; currently I'm updating three times a week with this massive "perspective in storytelling" thing, which should be a good resource for artists.  Halloween Eve writer Brandon Montclare and I are also posting podcasts every Wednesday, and it's all on Tumblr.

Finally, I'll let you know I've been hard at work on a new project with Brandon and I am unbelievably excited about it.  It's beautiful, the concept is crazy-awesome, and the characters are amazing.  Right now we're figuring out who's going to publish it but we're in good shape.  There may be a Kickstarter involved this spring if we end up with the creator-owned/no pay upfront deal.  And it's the same deal with Halloween Eve where I'm in charge of all art duties as well as the lettering.  The series should launch this summer.  So please keep your eyes peeled!  I can't wait to share what I've been working on!