Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

This is probably a long over-due "thanks", but I hope that doesn't lessen it: Thank you all for the kind words and outpouring of support over the Batwoman thing.  It was incredibly reassuring!

I probably shouldn't have been so silent.  But I didn't want to dwell--I just wanted to be happy, and move on...and make some really awesome comics.  Which is exactly what I've been doing!  Ever since my last blog post, I have been drawing like mad, and it feels wonderful.  I'm addicted to art!

Look forward to October; I should have two comics out by then.  One is a short story that's part of a Vertigo thing, another I will probably give you more information on in the next couple weeks.

But here's a panel from the Vertigo thing that I've kept devoid of spoilers:

It was a ton of fun to work on; in it I played around with levels of rendering...from pencils, to inks/colors, to a colored wash.  It just happened to work well with the sort of story I was drawing.

Which reminds me--both of these I am inking and coloring myself.  Haven't done that (aside from covers) in five years, and it's something I've been hoping to get to do for a long time.  I have worked with some amazing collaborators and I'm having an all-new appreciation for them as I try to get my inking and coloring skills to catch up with my penciling ones.

Batwoman was a great opportunity for me and I cared about the character; it's a shame it didn't work out.  But I am so, so happy right now.  I hope you are, too.


  1. I hope the next title is an on-going. Cause there's not enough Amy Reeder art is my life.

  2. Cannot wait to read these. So can we get a little sneak peak of what's the theme or story? Now lets hope you come again to New York for some more signings :) Btw, I totally agree with what Jackie Tam said.

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  4. What's Lois Lane doing drawing a rocket ship? :) I'm glad to see you've got some work coming down the pipeline. Count me in as a fan eagerly awaiting more work from you.

  5. Beautiful panel! I love that you experiment with medium and are getting to put them all in a comic. Can't wait to see! Great to hear you're doing well. <3

  6. I'm happy to hear you're happy and doing so well. Good luck with your new projects! I look forward to reading them.