Friday, June 29, 2012

HALLOWEEN EVE + Kickstarter!

Today I announced officially that I'm working on a creator-owned project with writer/editor Brandon Montclare!  It's a single, 40-page issue called Halloween Eve that'll be coming out in mid-October.  Here's the cover:

It has been so rewarding to work on this.  If I could give one person the biggest responsibility for my career at this point, it would be Brandon...he basically discovered me and helped me get work both when he was at Tokyopop and then Vertigo.  And, he's my best friend.  So it's nice that we have a great working relationship and to know that I'm not alone as I venture out into the creator-owned world.  He really knows his stuff.

The story's AMAZING (and it has a little bit of Wizard of Oz mixed in).  I'm inking/coloring/lettering the book.

We have a publisher lined up, and we can't say who, but we're grateful to have gotten them involved.  Still, they aren't a publisher who regularly pays upfront, so we are shouldering the costs.  To lessen that, we have begun a Kickstarter, which I hope you'll check out!  We have some cool rewards in there and if you'd like to go basic, you can get the book with a greeting card mailed to you for $10.  What we want most is for people to the book!

And, please spread the word to anyone you can.  We are writing this to be friendly to new readers, female readers, all readers.

Thank you, as always, for your support!



  1. This smells like an Image book . . .

  2. I'm sorry this doesn't have to do with your post, but I have just discovered you! And thank goodness I did! Your artwork is amazing, and as an aspiring writer/illustator your sucess and tips have motivated me so much! Thank you! I look forward to upcoming work and more youtube videos.