Thursday, July 5, 2012

All About Eve

Since what we're promoting here is a single comic book of 40 pages, it's tough to show images without spoiling things.  But if you know much about my art philosophy, you'll know I am obsessed with the intricacies of drawing faces.  So here's a big Eve montage!  I feel like she is my most versatile character to date--expression-wise.  I worried it might be the opposite because I was trying so many new things--like her eyebrows are higher up, so how do you make sure people know she's surprised or angry or just ambivalent?

Maybe it's Brandon's writing, like maybe he wrote a full range for her.  He certainly writes with a lot of trust that my expressions will tell the story, which is really cool.  Or maybe I just chose a lucky design.  Maybe I'm just happy.  Whatever it is, it's got me excited for each new page because I'm curious what I'll learn next.

A little update: our Kickstarter has almost reached its goal!  Thank you so much for all your support!!  The reaction has been pretty overwhelming for me...this is just not a normal life I lead and sometimes I think it's unfair to be this lucky.  It's weirder because I was so uncool in my youth (I'm sure some of you can sympathize).

But I'm so glad you guys are sticking with me past Batwoman and in the end I think it's very good news.  We're doing a creator-owned book that doesn't involve superheroes and has a female lead--three things that could've counted against us.  I'm glad something like this is succeeding! 

Another cool update, Brandon noticed that our supporters seem to be about 1/3 female...yay!!  And a lot of you have been interested in the "Insider Package" reward, which probably means you are either into creating comics or you just happen to be a "behind the scenes" junkie.  Either way, that makes you cool!  Hah.

Anyway, THANK YOU!  We'll continue to update, probably add some more rewards, and otherwise keep you entertained.


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  1. I just picked this up at my local shop - my first comic even though my boyfriend is a collector. I really enjoyed it! I wish you all the best and hope I can buy more of your work soon. The Jem illustration is adorable too, maybe a Jem comic where she's a badass? lol